Athens tree farm has over 35 varieties of trees available for.

$25-$75. 1.


Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) $150.

Browse our collection of Oak Trees, available online 24/7. The scientific name Quercus virginiana was officially. Scientific Name: Quercus virginiana.

If you’re looking to add a stunning new addition to your residential or commercial landscape, now is the perfect time with the arrival of our Fannin Select Live Oak Trees.

Type: Tree. The plant is shipped in a #5 pot with a minimum height of 24 in. We Deliver.

$150 - $200. 00; Ex Tax: $375.


Email us at info@naturehills.

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15g – $100 30g – $260 45g – $570. .

Our experienced crews have also successfully assisted in all phases of palm planting and.

15 gallon, 96"h x 36"w:Standard 15 gallon, 105"h x 36"w:Standard 24"box, 118"h x 56"w.

Need trees for your next landscaping or gardening project? Texas Tree Farms has a large variety of trees for your next project! Come visit us online or in person and we'll help you find the right tree for you!.

An oak tree can cost anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on the size and. . The bark is reddish brown to gray and deeply furrowed.

in height, and the trunk can grow 6 ft. Our Mission: Growing the highest quality products for the best price. 30 Gal: 45 Gal: 95 Gal: 200 Gal: 300 Gal: Live Oaks Quercus Virginiana: Will be ready soon: Will be ready soon: Will be ready soon: Bur Oak Quercus Macrocarpa: Will be ready soon: Will be ready soon: Will be ready soon: Texas Red Oak Quercus Buckleyi:. Great shade tree. .

Oak Trees for Sale at Ty Ty Nursery.

30g – $260 45g – $570. The careful, 20-step big tree relocation process also ensures that no root damage will occur through the transplant (thanks to 1″ thick steel plates that prevent breaking and shifting.




This is an install done by Verdant Tree Farm for a 500 gallon live oak at a residence.

Specialty trees can cost $500-$1000+ when mature.