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TRY USING sluice See how your. 2 sluice / ˈ sluːs/ verb. .


sluice gate opening. 2. .

transitive to wash something with a flow of water. 2.


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Synonyms for SLUICE: floodgate, conduit, lock, watergate, channel, sluiceway, douse, moat, flume, flush, gate, penstock, gush, pour, ditch, soak, stream, trough. Very difficult.

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sluicegate: 1 n regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice Synonyms: floodgate , head gate , penstock , sluice valve , water gate Type of: regulator any of various controls or devices for regulating or controlling fluid flow, pressure, temperature, etc. Synonyms for sluice gates in Free Thesaurus. Sluice gate.

enclosure consisting of a section of canal that can be closed to control the water level; used to raise or lower vessels that pass through it. docking port. 2 sluice / ˈ sluːs/ verb. Sluice Gates Used in water diversion canals, irrigation canals, residual water purification plants, drinkable water treatment plants, reservoirs and industrial General Comments A sluice gate is a mechanism used to cut off or obstruct the passage of a liquid. Common uses for WaGate sluice hatches are: As a safe emergency shutdown of flows on roads, to prevent environmentally hazardous substances from spreading to water sources, pastures and arable land.


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Apr 10, 2022 · Sluice gates are common hydraulic structures for controlling and regulating flow in open channels.


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